At Cleverheads

Every child is unique and important and thus we strive to lay a solid foundation for the child's future.

Learning Programmes and activities are planned in such a way to maximize the child’s development.

What a child thinks of him/herself influences everything they do; they need assurance that they are special and worthwhile as individuals.

Education is a three way process between the parent, teacher and child: We therefore work closely with parents in the intellectual, emotional and social development of the child.


Children between the ages of 18 months – 6 shall be eligible for admission.

On admission the Application Form and supportive documents should be completed and signed by both parents/guardians.

Admission shall be at the discretion of the school.

With the child’s interest at heart, it is recommended that a settling in period of one month be allowed in order for the child to adapt to the school environment before any decisions are made concerning continued participation.

It is important that you assist the child to settle during the first period by personally handing the child over to the teacher and immediately leave after you’ve greeted the child.